Morning Chirps, Cup of Tea, and More!

morning cup of tea

It's a beautiful morning here in Woodstock, and I thought a good day to catch up with what's new with LindaGeez! This is my office today, as I'm off from my day job to work on my NEW LIndaGeez Aromatherapy launch! I can hear the water flowing in my water garden on the downstairs patio, the birds are chirping, the sun is filtered through the trees, the air is still and the temperature perfect!

I love sitting in the porch in the morning and just gaze! The scent from the herbs fills the air, and the birds are all very active at the bird feeders, it's my favorite place to sit in the morning! I must admit, I can be lazy for a very long time, just soaking this all, I'd rather call it my morning meditation then I don't feel as if I've wasted any time! 

I must admit, I'd be missing this time of day, I'd be sound asleep at this time on a day off of work, but ever since we got our little Lilly, my mornings are now bright and shiny! She loves to get up early, go for her morning walk, come in, eat and then take a long nap! 

So, I thought now would be a good time to catch up on the new things happening in my little shop! It's kinda going to be a nostalgic look at my younger years! 

I can always remember nature, flowers, and gardening a very important part of my life! I grew up in a time when things were simple! There were cut lilacs in a vase on the kitchen table, rhubarb, tomatoes and other vegetables in the garden, and time spent laying on the grass and finding shapes in the afternoon clouds!

My father was the gardener. The yard was meticulous and filled with flowers! My mother handled the vegetable garden, and it was filled with huge rhubarb leaves and stems, large sometimes oversized zucchini, big almost bush size tomato plants and other scrumptious veggies! It was on the side of the house where it had the sun shining on it most of the day and the garden supplied our family with lots of zucchini flowers to stuff, tomatoes for sandwiches, rhubarb for pies, and so many more good meals.  We ate the food when it was in season and fresh, picked just minutes from the time you ate it! Farm to Table was how it was back then! We knew our food was fresh and free of chemicals! If we had dandelions in the yard, we got our yard tool and picked them from the yard and then the dandelion greens were made into a salad! Yes, and it was good! (Dandelion leaves are best when they are young and tender and not too bitter.) And when the tomatoes were ready, we ate tomatoes sandwiches all the rest of the summer for lunch! My mother would also buy bushels of plum tomatoes and fruit and can tons of jars which we would enjoy all winter long!

One of my favorite memories was when my grandma would come visit from the city! She would bring the biggest sharpest knife we had and we would go for long ride to harvest the wild cardoon! I remember that like it was yesterday! It was so good and such a treat! You can now them at the grocery stores too! 

I also remember...the wildflowers on the sides of the streets, and hated when they got mowed! My favorite were the periwinkle blue chicory flowers and the Queen Ann's lace flower! And of course, I loved the bright yellow dandelions and then the money stealers when they turned to seed! I loved when we cut the wildflowers and the lilacs and peony blooms and put in the vase on the kitchen table! All these memories of these simple times became an important part of who I am! 

We also grew up with natural remedies! If you got a bee sting, you put baking soda on it, and when we had a sore throat, my grandmas would put the worst tasting dark brown junk on a cotton swab and coat the back of your throat! You literally thought you were going to die, but it seemed to do the trick and your sore throat went away faster! 

Looking back, we were just talking about this with my brother and his wife, we wish we would have bought the acreage in Southern Illinois back in the 80's when we talked about it! I wanted cultivate flowers and herbs! It sure would have been fun! 

So, you can see I loved anything plant related my whole life! I started studying flowers and herbs decades ago! I love the aroma of flowers and herbs and the therapeutic benefits it brings to us! So, when I decided that I would like to make aromatherapy products to add to my LindaGeez line, naturally the products would need to be of high quality and pure, and clean of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Of course this all takes time, and I will continue my education and formulation to include more products as time goes by. I've been researching and purchasing Essential oils from so many sources, always comparing aromas and comparing notes on purity and their production. My goal is for the most natural and pure products! There are a few essential oils, and carrier oils are not available in an organic variety. Also, some products need emulsifiers and other ingredients which has taken a lot of research to find plant based alternatives! Again nothing synthetic in my products! I'm thoroughly enjoying the process and hoping to grow my product line with new items often! 

If you love what you do, taking the time to do it right, never seems an issue! So it will be fun to see the Aromatherapy products that I am offering and how it will continue to grow! I want the products to be the purest, best aroma and also pretty! My products will come to you nicely gift packaged and with clear information on the ingredients used! 

As you all know, LindaGeez is my own personal little boutique. I do all the designing and creating myself! The things that I create and offer to you, are things that I take great interest in! Whether it's my stationery note and greeting cards, my aromatherapy or my jewelry, it's my creation! I use all my personal floral photography, design all my cards, research and create my own aromatherapy products, and design and create my own jewelry. Of course, this is years in the making, but it's something I love to do! I much rather be creating! Creating keeps me balanced and appreciative! It's connect me to nature! It keeps me gardening, and enjoying and studying herbs, and finding the best rocks and gems for jewelry making! 

So, I'm glad you're here, and I'm glad you're reading a little bit about me and my creating! Drop me a line anytime you want! I love hearing from you! 

So, I'll be beginning to list my new products this week, but excuse me while I soak up the beauty of the morning sun for awhile!

Till next time, 

Love and Peace,



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  • Thanks Janet! I love all your support and happy that you love my website too :o)


  • I loved this read! I can visualize all of it. I’m excited to see everything you have as I just love the cards I purchased! Look forward to what is next and encourage people to check out the website!!! I love it!!!

    JAnet HIsel

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