Here's What's New at LindaGeez!

Now along with my heartfelt inspirational & encouragement cards and gifts, LindaGeez is continuing to add comforting gifts and wellbeing products!

All my handmade products are designed, developed and created by me! I love creating so much! Developing these products has brought me so much joy, and I would like to share that you with you!

Years of studying and collecting goes into all that I design and create! I have been a tea lover forever, who doesn't love a good tea part, right?  I have been an artist/designer for decades, been collecting gemstones and rocks ever since I could remember, studied and practiced yoga since the 70's, and have been enjoying Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for decades! 

My website will be evolving as I dream up new things! I have so many products I am developing right now! The site will be new and ever changing, so visit often! 

I also plan on getting back to making more handmade jewelry as time allows, I really miss that as well. A lot of my handmade jewelry will be one of a kind pieces! Eventually we will add cabochons that my husband cuts and polishes also! 

My biggest inspiration is my in person makers market craft shows! This is where I get the opportunity to talk to others, hear their likes and their dreams! It's refreshing and I enjoy the support from all of you!

And feel free to correspond with me! I love talking with all of you!

Thank you again for your kindness and support!

Love and Peace,


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