About Us!

Hi, I'm Linda, and this is my favorite girl Lilly! Lilly is for sure heaven sent! Lilly is the reason I am here! She helped me get my inspiration back! She inspired me to get back into what I love to do the most...create! 

Just a tidbit about me...I enjoy living in a small town. I've lived in a small community most of my life. I've been greatly influenced by yesteryears peace, love and hippie generation, and I'm still a flower child in spirit!  Loving wildflowers and the little miracles that mother earth brings to us has developed into a lifelong passion! 

My desire for peace and harmony in life, lead me to studying and practicing yoga. My yoga studies have been a life altering experience that has shaped my everyday perspective. I have so much appreciation for the gifts that mother nature has given us!

Influenced by nature, along with my spirituality & love, flows into the happy little details of my creations! I hope you feel the love that I poured into each and every piece of my artwork and jewelry creations! So make a cup and tea and take some time to explore all the inspiring things that I create! My hope is to inspire you as well...enjoy! 

Love and Peace,

Linda and Lilly