Just a girl & her dog!

Hi, I'm Linda, and this is my favorite girl Lilly! Lilly is for sure heaven sent! We rescued Lilly when she was 10 weeks old. I believe that is so important to rescue an animal, there are so many animals out there that need a good home!!! From the moment she met us she was lovable! I believe that first moment of her bonding with her new family, she remembers forever! 

Lilly has been a real inspiration to me! Lilly reminds every morning to wake up happy, she is always ready to start her day with a wiggle and a smile! Lilly reminds me that there is always something to be grateful for. Everyday, a simple walk is a joy! With a trot and a wagging tail, she enjoys every moment! Seriously, she takes in everything on our walks! (and Lilly prefers to put in WAY MORE than 10,000 steps a day!)  Lilly also reminds me to enjoy the simple things, open my car windows and let the warm air blow in my hair and enjoy the breeze! Lilly reminds me to be thankful for each other, the love that she gives everyone every single day is so appreciated! Lilly reminds me that when the day is over, a warm heart and a compfy bed is really all that we need! Little Lilly is all LOVE! So all her love, inspired me to get back into what I love to do the most...create! 

Everyone should have a little Lilly in their life! I'm so happy she's ours! 

Love and Peace,

Linda and Lilly