Kindness Matters

The sky was more gray than blue this morning with white fluffs scattered here and there, the air smelled like rain was headed our way! But that didn't stop Lilly and I from taking our morning walk! My little doggie, with her joyful demeanor and little bounce in her walk couldn't wait to start her day! Lilly instantly warms my heart as she is pure love! Our morning walk was typical, lots of sniffs, intensely observing the surrounding, sitting to watch the birds, turning here and there looking for her neighborhood friends and enjoying the first glimpse of the daybreak!

 Lilly on Sunday Mornings, taking it easy after our morning walk

On the weekend,  Lilly and I always take it easy in the morning after our walk! We just read and relax on the sofa in the quiet morning hours!

During the week, our morning walk is the time I begin planning my day! I have to say, I'm not a morning person, if it weren't for little Lilly, I would never be outside walking before work! But, when I am spiritually balanced and in harmony, mornings are a burst of inspiration and creativity! This morning my drive into my day job was filled LindaGeez planning, good Beatles music and excitement for the new Kindness Cards that I am releasing! So much going on in just a short time since I have awakened!

I haven't blogged in awhile. It is my preference to write when I am light hearted and positive. I must admit, it seems that the past couple of years, things in general have been more difficult. A general strained political environment, a lack of kindness and consideration towards others, personal hardships and tragedies have made me dedicate a lot of time to myself, mindful practices, therapy and self care. I've written a lot about self care in my previous blogs, and on instagram and facebook. Without concentrating on self-care, it's not possible to be the best that you can be! And, I not only want to feel the best, I want to influence others to feel balanced, loved and fabulous as well! 


Lilly doesn't need an invitation to relax along side of me! Our polite little girl knows that when her blanket is unfolded, she is more than welcome by my side while I read and write in my gratitude journal!

Many years ago I used to post inspirational quotes on my refrigerator, hence, the reason for the project name, "Refrigerator Notes". It was an extra joyful moment when one of my kids friends posted an inspirational note of their own! So, for many many years, inspirational notes helped to encourage me to have a joyful appreciative day, AND, it was extra special when the positivity helped others as well!

So, a mindful practice is nothing new for me! When things are exceptionally difficult, I throw myself into self-care! The practice includes first off rest and relaxation! My mental health and overall healthy living became my priority! Once I am rested it seems easier to get into the routine of gentle yoga, breathing exercises, reading many books, writing in my gratitude journal and overall calming and soothing projects.  Projects such as taking care of my flowers & plants, walking little Lilly, designing and creating, contribute to my well-being.   All these practices calm, relax and brighten my mood! And in return, the greatest gift... these practices surged a creative burst! I'm sure since I have felt the stress of the world these last couple years, along with my personal hardships, others too must feel extra stress in their life as well! And nothing feels better than taking all that I have learned and pouring it into a creative process! And I happily did that!


A Good Day Book

My favorite time is weekend mornings relaxing with Lilly while reading a good book and planning my day!


One weekend Mike and I took a drive to my favorite orchid nursery! The day was really wonderful! Taking a drive with Mike, enjoying the time together, and then visiting the nursery made me feel refreshed and inspired! It was such a wonderful day! I saw a friend from work there as well! And, this trip inspired other trips as well! Flowers are  perfect way to brighten your mood!


Lady Slipper

This is a Lady Slipper Orchid! One of the many flowers Mike purchased for me that day!

So, my goal with my two latest releases, the Kindness Cards and Be Hippie Cards is to bring to you positivity & celebration with happiness and a whole lot of fun! I began with my Kindness Cards, which are colorful, cheerful, encouragement affirmation cards! (I promise that you will feel just as good giving the card as the person receiving it!) The card is a thick post card so your recipient can display the card on their bulletin board, or refrigerator, or insert in a 5x7 frame! That little bit of positivity and encouragement will be enjoyed over and over!

After I finished the Kindness Card Box Set, the creative flow was still strong and I thought I would continue on to creating another coordinating set. So, I moved on to the Be Hippie Cards! These cards are reminiscent of my younger days. Although I was too young to join in the peaceful anti-war protests, it shaped my overall thinking and that mindset has carried with me since. Peace and Love, Flowers, Smiley Faces, and colorful cheerful art from the 70's was something I always loved and continue to love! So, the Be Hippie Cards are free-spirited and celebratory with overall loving and kind sentiments.  This is how I remembered the simpler times of my younger years!  I loved creating each and every card and I'm so happy to finally have these cards available to purchase now for you all to enjoy as well! 

This is what my dining room looks like when I'm working on collating my cards! This is step one of many steps involved with the packing the Kindness Cards, Stationery Box Sets.

Overall, as of late, my mindful practices have once again inspired me to be creative and illustrate & design! Bringing joy to others is a great way to bring joy to oneself! I really jumped into the creative process with dreams of sharing love and positivity into other peoples lives as well!

So, with that being said, I continued the creative process! I developed more Tea Blends, I added Essential Oil Diffusers to my Aromatherapy line, and I designed some really nice new cards lines. This was all done with the intention of giving others a greater sense of calm and a little more joy into their life! 

LindaGeez Tea

This is one of my 8 ounce Loose Leaf Tea Gift Sets! This one happens to be a Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Blend. 


I hope that I have inspired you also to do something good to yourself & others and together we can make the world a little bit better! Because Kindness DOES Matter!

Love and Peace to all of you,



Lilly and her monkey

Here Lilly is reminding me that there should always be time in your day for play!

Yes Lilly, let's PLAY! 

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