Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

Linda Gustafson

a beautiful sunset taken while on vacation


I've been concentrating on self care. Whether it's emotional or physical, we all can benefit from taking time for ourselves. That being said, I've been looking forward to making aromatherapy products for my husband, family and friends. I've also been taking the time to meditate, read, write, create, and whatever I need at that moment to aid in getting back to harmony and balance. Never lose sight in the importance of self care, thoughtfulness and love! I hope you too can find a little comfort from my post. These days life seems harder than it should be for so many people, me included.

I love quotes and I have books and collections of quotes. I often pair a quote with a pretty picture and frame it, or make it into a card. I have collected quotes for years. Not all those who wander are lost is a favorite quote of mine. I took the photo on a vacation, added the quote and I have it framed in my Art Room. It's a room I really enjoy! I create, I brainstorm, and I fill the room with all things Linda! Its a nice little work area that I enjoy for as long as I can have it! 

There is something so grounding about nature and wildlife. Watching the instinctive care that a mother gives her babies, the perennial rebirth of trees and blooms, these daily miracles happening right before our eyes and are a testament of hope and spirit! It also amazes me that a seed bursting through the rocks and soil reaches towards the warmth of the sun and without questioning or resistance, lives on! The resilient water lotus with roots deep in the murky soil, still grows tall with delicate nature and endless grace. Even while the bloom emerges from the mud, the beauty, grace and strength of the lotus allows the flower to stand tall. Again another representation of rebirth, wellness and peace. The lotus is also a symbol of enlightenment in the Buddhist faith.

a water lotus in my home garden


I believe every single living being is born loving and worthy. The effects of humanity and nature heavily influence a person's heart and mind. I believe with the use of our energy, concentration, and seeing the world through love, our broken spirit will respond and once again be hormonic. I've learned the journey to harmony is often not very easy or simplistic. Kindness and compassion to ourselves is sometimes more difficult than to others. Developing a  calm center and taking the time to meditate and ground oneself, does allow one to feel and reason more clearly. Above all, always find hope and gratitude in the moment. Every moment in time is an opportunity to hone and respect yourself. It's only when we are kind to ourselves, we can truly influence others. 

I've also been taking the time to read and reread some of my favorite things. It's hard sometimes to fit it all in a day, but, when times are difficult, it's best to make self care a priority. I've been once again reading the Yamas and Niyamas and some of my yoga teacher training material, I find it comforting during difficult times in my life. I also have many Oprah books which I find very inspirational. Studying deeper into Aromatherapy has also been very beneficial to me. I do believe in practicing  a holistic lifestyle as best as I can.  I've been taking the time to meditate and ground myself daily also. We went to the Chicago Botanic garden a couple weeks ago, and I find nature also to be very grounding. Do what allows you to move forward with love and truth. The importance of this very moment is the beginning of your renewal! Refresh and move forward, it is the path to healing. Embrace the inner peace and move forward with love. 



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