LindaGeez hits the road!

I've been having a great time meeting a lot of nice people in my hometown! There have been a few artisan craft shows hosted by the local Mixin Mingle in Woodstock! It's really nice events that they offer for artisans to sell their goods! It's been very exciting for me to talk with everyone in person, rather than just online! I just thought I would share a couple of photos from my show! I have just one more show his year! I will be at Mixin Mingle on the Square in Woodstock for 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday, December 21st. I hope some of you local fans can come and visit me! I just love talking with everyone! And for all of you that have already come and visited and bought my goodies, thanks so much for your kindness!

It's a busy time of year for everyone right now! I haven't written in awhile because I've so busy building my program and showing my goods at local shows in Woodstock! I'll be writing more news in 2020! WOW 2020! Can you believe that! 

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and Holiday Season. 

Love and Peace,



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