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Tea Gift Set | White Tea and Herbs Tea Box Set

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Tea Gift Set | White Tea and Herbs Tea Box Set
Tea Gift Set | White Tea and Herbs Tea Box Set

Tea Gift Set

Moondance - White Tea and Herbs Gift Set  - Low Caffeine

Everyone loves tea their own special way! A wonderful Box Set of Loose Leaf Teas and Herbs to build your own favorite cup of tea! The Base is low caffeine White Tea with pear  which is effective in supporting the immune system, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. A good tea to support fighting bacteria. This tea  also has antioxidant effects, protecting against the effects of free radicals. White tea has the least amount of caffeine in all of the teas! It is the most delicate tea varieties because it is least processed. Also, the Raspberry Leaves contains fragarine and relieves PMS.

The Moondance White Tea and Herb Box Set includes ingredients to add to make your own special flavored cups of tea. Add any of these ingredients to your base of White Tea to make a warm cup of deliciousness that is low in caffeine and for most can be enjoyed anytime of the day unless you are very sensitive to caffeine late at night. Lovely combinations can be made with these ingredients Lemon Peel, Raspberry Leaves, Organic Orange Peel, and White Tea with Coconut. Also included are three types of honey sticks: Raw Manuka Honey, Raw Clover Honey and Raw Wildflower Honey Sticks, Pure Beet Sugar, a small wooden spoon, and a cute heart tea strainer. 

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