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Tea Box Set | Build Your Own Tea Box Set | Premium Tea Blends

BUILD YOUR OWN TEAS! Loose Leaf Tea Box Set

A custom Tea Box Set with Premium Teas, Herbs, Sugar Crystals,

Three types of  Raw Honey Sticks, a Wooden Spoon, a Tea Strainer! 

Crafted with quality organic teas and botanicals. Let your taste buds explore the unique aromas and intricate flavors of these teas.

Enjoy a cup of premium tea anytime.

After talking with so many people at my shows, more and more people want tea for medicinal reasons! I was so glad to hear this, as tea has so many health benefits. I began collecting teas and herbs to build SIX wonderful custom Tea Gift Box Sets. I created sets to contribute to specific health benefits. I am so happy to bring these sets to you! There was real excitement at my last show when I introduced them!

WARM HUGS - An Organic Black Tea with Herbs for Daytime Enjoyment

BEAUTIFUL DREAMER - An Organic Hibiscus Tea with Herbs to Relax and Promote Better Sleep

MOONDANCE - A White Tea with Herbs, Low Caffeine. This set has uplifting herbs high in antioxidants good for anytime of the day

ANTIOXIDANT WELLNESS - An Organic Sencha Green Tea set, high in antioxidants to help in preventing oxidative stress in your brain! 

SOOTHING COMFORT - An Organic Gunpowder Green Tea and herbs benefiting your immunity and supports and soothes stomach and digestion. 

GET COZY - An Organic Chun Mee Green Tea and herbs which is beneficial in preventing infections and viruses. An overall good set of herbs with protective antioxidants and soothing stomach ingredients. Raspberry leaves which is good for PMS.