Wildflowers Black and White Tissue Paper | 20"x30" Assorted

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LindaGeez Wildflowers Bold Pattern Tissue Paper
LindaGeez Wildflower Small Pattern Printed Tissue Paper
LindaGeez Wildflower Printed Tissue Paper Package
LindaGeez Wildflower Printed Tissue Paper Gift Package

A Tissue Paper collection of Tissue Paper, featuring the Wildflower Black and White Printed Tissue Paper with Coral and White Tissue Paper. The tissue paper can be used in your gift bag or also as wrapping paper! Use the white or coral tissue paper under the Wildflower Printed Tissue Paper for a beautiful Gift. 

The Tissue Paper is available in a very Large Size 20" x 30" in two different Wildflower Patterns, BOLD Wildflower Pattern and Small Wildflower Pattern.

Large Tissue Paper Collection 20" x 30"

  • Three Wildflower Black and White Paper
  • Six Large Coral Tissue Paper
  • Six Large White Tissue Paper

Two Styles are Available. Choose a Wildflower Large Bold Pattern or a Wildflower Small Pattern under Style. The arrow is a pull down! Both Patterns come with Coral and White Tissue Paper.

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