Lavender Sachet, Organic | SET OF THREE 4X6 Cotton Bags

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THREE Organic Lavender Sachet 4x6
Organic Lavender in a Cotton Muslin Bag with Drawstring

SET OF THREE Organic Lavender stuffed in a 4X6 cotton muslin bags. ThIs Organic Lavender if aromatic and vibrant and the best dried flower buds available. The dried botanicals are from France and buds and flowers are abundant, not a lot of stems or leaves!

Use these sachets in your drawer or closet! (Household tip: Fresh Lavender Repels flees, flies and mosquitos!) These dried botanicals are pretty enough to leave open in a dish like potpourri dish, although my favorite is tucked away in a drawer! 

In time as the lavender aroma fades, you can spruce up your aroma by adding a few drops of Organic Lavender Essential Oils on the Dried Botanicals!

SET OF THREE 4x6 natural cotton muslin bag
Stuffed with Dried Lavender Botanicals

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