Loose Leaf Tea | Fancy Earl Tea | Earl Grey Black Tea | Caffeine

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Loose Leaf Tea | Fancy Earl Tea | Earl Grey Black Tea | Caffeine

Earl Grey Whole Leaf Black Tea  with Lavender - Caffeine

Loose Leaf Tea in a Tin 

WEIGHT Tea Tin Stuffed with 2.0 Ounces of Loose Leaf Tea

TIN SIZE Deep Tea Tin measuring 3 1/8" Wide by 2" Tall


Approximately 20-30+ Servings per tea tin depending on your taste preference.

INGREDIENTSEarl Grey tea is a delicately scented blend of large leaf Indian black teas and citrusy oil of bergamot. We fancied it up with some organic orange peel and lavender for an extra delight! This combination of tea leaves and flavoring from the Italian bergamot orange is a popular afternoon tea!

This is a enjoyable variation of this classic tea offering, and soon to be a favorite! This was inspired by all you lavender lovers that talked to me at my last craft show! Enjoy! 

PACKAGED in a tea tin with label

All my teas have been taste tested by my Happy Tea Tasting Committee of friends! Their enthusiasm and honesty assisted in bringing to you the best tasting teas, as they had to pass the taste test before becoming a LindaGeez Tea! We have enjoyed so much this part of the process and know that you will enjoy your cup of tea as much as we have! 




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