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Christmas Sticker Sheet | Joy to the World Stickers | 5x7 Sticker Sheet

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5 x 7 inch sticker sheet with multiple die cut stickers Christmas Stickers

Christmas Stickers - Joy to the World Stickers

Santa and Friends Stickers

Joy to the World - a really FUN 5 x 7 sticker sheet with die cut stickers! Traveling the world sharing love and peace is the cast of Santa and his Friends. Santa is such a loving soul, he loves everyone just the way they are! He was happy to have Rudie, the Red Nosed Reindeer join his sleigh team, even though he was different, and he became the Star of the Team! And little Kritter, would stop by Santa’s workshop looking for food and shelter and Santa took him in, Santa loves all beings! And then their was Lilly! Lilly was a Rescue Dog also that Santa gave a warm and comfortable life to! Santa snd all his friends,  have good hearts and cultivate peace and love wherever they go! What an Inspiration. YAY Santa and Friends!


5 x 7 inch Sticker sheet with Die Cut Stickers, hearts, type and fun striped border

Individual Sticker Sizes Vary

Waterproof and laminated 

Made in the USA

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