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One thing a lot of people talked about was Lavender and Mint Blends! So, I came home inspired to create some new blends that I didn't offer! So I came up with two new lavender teas! I have a NEW Blackberry Lavender Tea and a Fancy Earl tea with Lavender! And, as anyone who knows me knows....when I enjoy something, I'm kinda I will continue to work on new blends! It's fun!


I also am always searching for great herbs for tea blends teas that have healing properties such as calming, soothing and blends that can promote sleep! These types of teas are my most inquired about as of recent! Perhaps that proves how much stress is in everyones lives in recent times!  Often these types of teas, although they may be good for you, generally taste not so wonderful! Well, I have been really excited to offer these NEW teas with great aroma and taste! These new herbal blends are wonderful for soothing, and relaxation, and the teas taste great also!  They are great for nighttime teas, or a calming meditative drink in the bathtub before bed! Hoorah! 

I have enjoyed tea drinking most of my life, and now my husband even enjoys tea! It has been really enjoyable studying tea, making my own blends and the best part, taste testing all of them! My tea testing guru friends, have also enjoyed tasting the blends and only the best teas make the cut! There are so many varieties of Tea: White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Herbal Tea, Black Tea and Medicinal Teas! I don't have them all yet, but come back often to see my tea blends grow as we get more and more taste tested! 

There are so many benefits of tea drinking: relaxation, energy, concentration and for your overall daily mindfulness and well-being. Each tea I offer will have a little information about the tea! Teas are offered in tins, and also in Gourmet Gift Sets! My selection will grow with time and taste testing, and I'm sure it will include many of your favorites! 

If you have a favorite tea you would like to see me carry....drop me a line! I will begin to  research for the perfect tea for you, or create a custom blend! 

For All You Hard Headed Women.. A woman is like a teabag - You never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water...Eleanor Roosevelt

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