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Tea Gift Set | Tea and Aromatherapy Gift Set | Sip & Soak Gift Box

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Tea Gift Set | Tea and Aromatherapy Gift Set | Sip & Soak Gift Box
Tea Gift Set | Tea and Aromatherapy Gift Set | Sip & Soak Gift Box
Sip & Soak Aromatherapy Gift Set - Neroli Essential Oil
Loose Leaf Tea & Aromatherapy Gift Set
Neroli Luxury and Relaxation & Spa Gift Set

Nothing is more calming that a cup of tea and a warm soothing bath! These are the times I look forward to every day! I start the day with a delicious cup of tea, and end the day with a warm soothing meditative soak in the bathtub! These relaxing times inspired me to create a luxurious Tea and Aromatherapy Gift Set for YOU! 

What's Inside? The lovely black reusable magentic box holds a beautiful
Gift Set of Tea and Aromatheraphy
  • Two Tins of Premium Loose Leaf Tea. One tea is a daytime tea. The reason I call it a daytime tea is that it has caffeine, however, if you aren't sensitive to caffeine in the evening, enjoy it all day long. The tea is Joyful Orange, a premium loose leaf black tea with delicious blood orange. I also included, a nightime tea that does not have caffeine to be enjoyed anytime. I included Blue Moon Herbal Blend witch is a delicious Organic Rooibos Blend! This is an Herbal tea, so it's a good anytime tea!¬†
  • Specialty Strainer and Dish
  • Honey Sticks - Raw Manuka Honey, Raw Wildflower Honey, Raw Clover Honey
  • Jar of Natural Rock Beet Sugar¬†
  • Jar of Raw Specialty Honey
  • Wooden Honey Dipper
  • Delicious Gourmet Tea Biscuits, Orange Chocolate
  • Himalayan Hand and Foot Soak Salts with Neroli Essential Oil
  • Dead Sea Salts with Neroli Essential Oil Bath Soak
  • Wooden Salt Spoon
  • Prickly Pear and Neroli Grapefruit Essential Oil Roll on (Prickly Pear Oil is exotic and incredible)
  • Organic Flower Buds
  • Sachet bag for Bath or Bedding
  • Handmade Citrus Bath Soap
  • Handmade¬† Bath Bomb
  • Exfoliating Soap Bag
  • Wooden Salt Spoon
  • Coordinating Coaster
  • Booklet with health benefits of products

 This is a lovely gift set! It's the perfect self-care gift set to give as a gift or for yourself!

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