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Natural Aromatic Botanical Sachets

Natural dried botanicals fill these natural cotton bags with aromatic buds, petals and leaves with some of my favorite dried flowers! The natural scent of these botanicals are just lovely! I personally don't like to have a diffuser run in my house because of my doggie! So, I love having the scent of sachets. And additional drops of essential oil can be added onto the cotton bags or in the inside for more aroma! 

I also love tucking sachets in my dresser drawers and in the closet. (Did you know that Lavender is a natural bug deterrent, mosquitoes, bugs and other insects do not like the scent!) I have large sachets and small sachets, singles and in sets!

My first choice and favorite choice is organic wherever available! Other favorite botanical are chosen too, and of course, all natural but not all botanicals are available in organic. So, I have chosen the best dried botanicals, with the most natural fragrance and the prettiest dried petals and flowers. 

As time goes on and the natural aroma fades, natural essential oils can be added to refresh the aroma, so these sachets can last forever! Add any essential oils you would like, or you may buy small 1 ml bottles of a variety of essential oils that I offer.